Rivergirls Chronicles

The Chronicles of Rivergirl

-- Silly Stories--
Written by Rivergirl (Owl)

Illustrated by L.D.Neill (Rabbit)



Silly story plots in this edition of Rivergirl's Chronicles all revolve around the members of Keith Hamilton Cobb's message board, himself, one liners from the Roddenberry show Andromeda, with guest appearances by Gordon Michael Woolvett. The face of Neptunia (Roo) has been changed to protect her identity.

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Impressing Chicks

Starring KHC and Owl

Sorry Sack of Medium Crumbs

Starring KHC, Seagulls and the Vancouver Sky Line from Stanley Park

The Purses

Starring Eeore KHC and Owl

Lillius Invictus

Starring Tigger/Lil KHC and Owl


Starring Gordon Woolvett as Piglet, Rabbit, KHC, Eore Tigger, and Owl

European Cons

Starring Eeore, KHC, Owl, Tigger and Rabbit

Dead Batteries

Starring KHC, Rabbit and Owl

Missing Osiris

Starring Owl, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit and KHC

Jelly Making

Starring Gordon Michael Woolvett, Owl, Rabbit, Roo and Owl.

Dinner with Keith

Starring Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Roo, and KHC

The Cards of Queen E.

Starring Roo, KHC, Queen Elizabeth, Thor, and Rabbit

Duct Tape


Starring Eeore, Owl and KHC

Starring Queen Bee Vickiy and her hammer, Tigger, Eeore, KHC, Rabbit and a bunch of tipped cows.

The Philly Crew

Starring just about everyone.


I printed out copies of these illustrations, signed them and bound them in a photo album for the brilliant author, here is the final picture of this set, used as a cover for her album.

One might ask How Mr. Cobb reacted to these photo edits?

Reports are that it, "Made his day!" seeing he considers himself to be,

"A bear of little brains."


All rights reserved, duplication by permission only.

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