Dinner with Keith


Rivergirl is so proud of her Beloved Employer. She had been concerned that there may have been some residual misunderstandings remaining from a previous unpleasantness. And lately there had been the controversy surrounding certain character decisions. But in one brilliant stroke, Himself has ensured that everyone will be happy. He's offered everyone the opportunity to win a dinner with him! Only
someone with her Beloved Employer's generous spirit would think of such a masterful way to restore perfect harmony. Rivergirl reminds herself that she must always trust Himself implicitly.

Rivergirl is so pleased with her Beloved Employer's plan that she immediately begins preparations for the special evening. Himself will, undoubtedly, ask her to cook - that simply goes without saying. Rivergirl checks with her supplier of fine Kentucky bourbon to arrange delivery of Himself's favorite drink. Farmboy, Rivergirl's even more aged and dotty cousin promises to deliver fresh, farm grown vegetables and perhaps one of those good looking chickens that have made Hamilton County so famous. Rivergirl dances around the newly cleaned kitchen which is also located in the secret post office box in Ansonia Station. Rivergirl can't remember when she has been happier.

Himself is standing in the corner of the kitchen with Nep, Captain D, Osiris, and the lawyer. "Somebody has to tell her," he says, looking hopefully at the others.

"I'm not going to tell her," says Nep.

"Me neither," says Captain D. "Maybe she'll figure it out on her own."

"If you think that Aquagirl, the Silver-haired Surfer, is going to figure anything out on her own, you're more deluded than a Dylanite," says the lawyer.

"This is STUPID," snarls Osiris as he clicks the mouse on the Sticky thread revealing that it has all been a cruel hoax. "There, now she knows. No more problem."


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