Lillius Invictus

Lillius Invictus



Dedicated to Lillius Invictus
Rivergirl is herself again. The unfortunate lapses of the previous few months are
behind her, and her beloved employer has again taken her into his confidence. They are sitting together in his office in the secret post office box in Ansonia Station - she sitting primly on a Hepplewhite chair as befits an aged and slightly dotty personal assistant, while Himself is flopped on a comfortable couch, bare feet comfortably
resting on the coffee table in front of him. He stares with concentration at three separate piles of papers which are also on the coffee table.

"Choices, old girl," says her beloved employer. "This is an unforgiving business, and it's all about knowing the right people and making the right choices. Things are looking good right now, but I have to think about my future - I need to find my own starring vehicle. And TPTB know that. One of TRP sent me scripts for three pilots.
This could be huge. If I make the right choice."

"Well, sir, perhaps I can help you," says the ever obliging Rivergirl. "I met so many of your dear, sweet fans while we were in Tulsa. I'm sure I will be able to tell you which one would make them the happiest."

"Well, the first one is a dramatic series about the intricacies of government. They want to cast me as the folksy but erudite former English professor who becomes president. The focus is on my relationship with my chief of staff, a fiesty and passionate female lawyer. They're not really sure about the title yet, but they're
thinking something like "The Wolf Wing.'"

"I don't think the Tulsa ladies see you as folksy or erudite, Sir. I mean, they have commented on how charming you can be. And they have remarked on your intelligence. But I think they'd like to see more action - more, ahem, you," says Rivergirl, as she delicately looks down at her hands and blushes slightly.

"Well, what about this one, then," asks Himself. "I'd be a suave yet street-wise NYC detective working closely with a fiesty and passionate female prosecutor as we represent the people in the legal system. Lots of running and chasing bad guys, etc.
That one sounds like a lot more fun, and I really like the title they've come up with for this one - 'Lil and Order."

"Better, definitely better," offers Rivergirl. "But I don't think they'd be satisfied with only knowing the professional side of your character. And the suit would be a problem; I'm quite sure they don't want to see you always wearing a suit. It just doesn't fit, somehow."

Her beloved employer looks thoughtfully at the third script. "You're probably right, old girl," he says. "You so often are. This last one is quite different, and it just might be what we're looking for. It's a half-hour comedy series. I play the handsome and talented show biz husband married to a wacky yet loveable red haired female lawyer
who is always getting us into trouble and doing things to drive me nuts. You know - like leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Little things like that. It would show us at home and at work. We wouldn't have to dress the same for each episode - I could
even be barefoot some of the time. And we'd have lots of adventures."

Rivergirl is delighted. "I think that's the one, Sir," she says applauding

"Right then!" says Himself, smiling broadly. "'I Love Lillian' it is."


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