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Don't ask why a happily unmarried woman would form and obsession with an unobtainable actor.

 It just happened in the middle of my middle age crazies.

Little did I know that this affliction would last for over 8 years.

It was about inspiration, what he gives me what I perceive I give to him.

He has never spoken to me directly only through his evil emissary or perhaps through
a certain person on the web whom he bears a distinct resemblance to?

How ever....

From: "Feeding Time at the Aquarium."

"Tiny toys snuggled close to the heart of a man who is silent,
Articulate powerfully of your love for my whimsical penchant."


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Kid Show Scenarios

5 pages of absurd ideas


Rivergirls Chronicles

A selection of Rivergirls silly stories that she asked me to illustrate.



A few miscellaneous animations not all KHC
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Poetry Home Page

Poems written for Keith
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Many more to come


The Red-Haired Woman

I'm not a fan fiction writer, I'm a poet.
This is an exception to my common genre.

It's not so much fan fiction
as it is a reply to a man who fell in love with a
fictional part of me.
Big D.
Once upon a time.


Bell Beaver BBQ

This edit is art therapy and it helped me calm down immeasurably!



The Digital D. Consortium

As I spent time on Keith's message board I developed an
evil twin or two.


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An ever evolving collection of KHC information.


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