KHC Photo Edit Gallery

Keith Hamilton Cobb

Photo Edit Gallery

Photo edits have gotten me into quite a bit of hot water over the years.

For the most part, Keith was very amused by them and probably

flattered that I had taken the time to torment his images.

He was an excellent candidate because of the availability of images with as many expressions and facial angles

as I needed to pull together what popped into my peculiar temper.

As you wander through these pages, I will try explain their history as well as add in the additional
edits and animations when they occur.

I can hear KHC now, "D., Don't use that red sequin dress edit!!!"

Sorry Keith, it's part of the story.

This is only half of the photo edits, just some of my favorites.


Keith's Dinner Party




Drink Milk


If he asks for directions, Marry Him!

Special K

Special K a Sureal Spoof


Nasa Keith

Tyr in the Nebula


The Red Sequin Dress

For Oprah






Crossed Foils

Twisted Treat


Kinmatic Keith



Halloween Fun

KHC Bugs Me





Ebony Collage

Wallpaper Collages


Stars of the Show

That Black Cat

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