Frank and Gordon Bell Beaver BBQ

Bell Beaver BBQ!

Staring Bell's Mascot Beavers Frank and Gordon

With, Keith Hamilton Cobb

There comes a time in everyone's life that they need a calm down moment.
This edit is art therapy and it helped me calm down immeasurably!

It was close to a year of fighting with Bell Sympatico to fix the server for my dial up connection via 310-SURF, that takes you to India where they can't test your server, only your connection. I tried to intellectualize, and embarrass them on their public feedback board several times. They finally fixed the over taxed server after I told them to, "Kiss my grits, I'm switching ISP!"

This was not my only gripe with this company, I'm the web mistress for a Public Service organization and they gave me Bell's evil site wizard to work with. That was a lesson in aggravation. Sure put in updates, save and upload to find that the wizard decided where those updates should go? The navigation was screwy, no matter how I screwed around with it the domino effect kept over writing page after page after page. I called to ask for help and the cat essentially told me to take a course in HTML.

Excuse me, I know enough HTML to keep my other sites running smoothly, I needed to understand how they set up the navigation. As far as I can tell, site wizards are for people who do not know HTML. Being told to learn it was a slap in the face because I did not understand their system.

That was something I'm going to have to deal with on my own, but the administration where I keep this site updated decided that I needed more to do while I was putting in my 5 hours a week, and he purchased the upgraded evil site wizard pro for me.

It looked good when I read through the information, but the dang thing was still in beta. One could not upload pictures or removed clip art once it was in your picture tray. One could remove them if one had an FTP program, but they told me on the feedback board that they don't have and FTP program for me.
That was it, my conscious could not leave that site in such disarray so I over wrote the index from home and put up a decent site that actually works.

Then there was the time that I assume the pirates staff at 310-SURF high-jacked my Sympatico
web space and turned it into Bob's Hockey Pool.
Oh Nos a den of gamblers!
They where the only ones who had my password because I was trying to find out why my FTP program was not working. Just before they high jacked the site they deleted all my ebay stock pictures and what ever else I had up there. When I asked them to delete Bob's Hockey Pool they refused to because I had complained about them deleting the legitimate contents. So I downloaded a new FTP program on a trial basis and cleaned out the rubbish . What amazes me the most is that my original FTP program worked perfectly from then on.

There are plenty of little irritations as well, like trying to set up my Outlook Express using their email wizard.
That evil piece of code must have been out to lunch when I clicked on it.
I did finally get Outlook to work, sort of, it down loaded all the emails from my Dianequeenofstuff user and not the one I had connected. That is why I use a Hotmail email account. All messages coming to me through Bell's server are directed to an account that actually works.

The above picture was my making good on a long time threat!

Sometimes the innocent virgins have to be sacrificed to make large corporations pay attention to their clients.

Added July 08 because I just found this lost edit of mine on another server:

Frank and Gordon tried to escape the BBQ but ya know when your a mental midget it ain't easy.

Original Caption for this edit for Canada's answer to:
The U.S. Army Is Getting Desperate For Recruits!, We Are In DEEP Trouble.

Gordon, "Nice of Tyr to loan me his BFG."
Frank, "Great, we are all in trouble now!"


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