Play Stalking Sir Patrick Stewart

What was this seasoned actor doing in my dreams?

I never dream of actors unless there is a very good reason why.

They represent messages that need to be deciphered in my waking state.


The last star appearance took me 4 years to sort out and the discovery of the location of the Holy Grail was the ultimate conclusion, but that's not this story, that's a whole epic novel and some of it can be viewed here.

Bald headed white guys haunt my dreams. He's not the first but this dream had me questioning why, because he came to me in two separate dreams at the same locations?

I did have a mild crush on him when he was Captain Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation, I also had a crush on Data too. Always like the unobtainable the best.

I'm going to skip over most of what went down in the dream and why he was in the dream. That I figured out pretty quickly, and head straight to my play stalking him
in down town Toronto early August 2010.

I'm a quirky kind of gal, and I figured that the silent Turtle Air Ship I spotted over my property in back woods Ontario, contained Patrick Stewart who was stalking me.
(I have a long history of being stalked.)
In my twisted temperament, turn around is fair play.

I had three and a half hours to fill, in the down town core.

It was a hot muggy morning too.

I did my banking at the corner of Bay and Bloor and started to walk west on Bloor until I came to St. Thomas St. I have no idea if Sir Stewart was in Toronto, but if he was and we where suppose to meet by some cosmic quirk, the Windsor Arms (my mother's favorite 5 star hotel) on St. Thomas would be a good place to start. Add in the fact that the Theatre Book Store is positioned across the street a little to the south of the hotel and you have my brain reasoning that perhaps if I sat under the trees on the wooden rail retaining wall, he might appear?

It was a good choice of roosts. There was a strong breeze off the lake barrelling up that narrow corridor. The retaining wall was just the right height for my 5'4” frame. I had been walking in the scorching heat for over an hour and the rest was welcomed. After a short while I started to fidget, as those with high energy tend to do, and I pulled out my bank receipts. Whoops, I forgot about my over draft, there where not enough funds to cover the pending bill. I was $1. short.
So I got up and went back to the bank.

I then went looking through Yorkville for the second hand shop on the second floor with the pale blue shag carpeting on the steps, from the dream.

Looked at the antique shop that was going out of business, but it was closed, no carpet on the tile steps.

Stuck my nose in the window of one of my favorite art galleries, also closed. Jumped down the stairs to run head on into a double decker tour bus with a gorgeous young man wearing sleek dread locks, giving a tour talk about the Riverboat Folk Club that was next door. I called up at the two people on top that there was still old hippies roaming the streets of Yorkville this morning too!

The fact that I was looking for this shag carpeting was quite bizarre in the first place. It's so not what one would expect to find in this up scale area. However, I endured.

I needed to go back to Yonge St. and check out a couple of shops recommended to me as a place to sell my Off the Hook Designs hats, so I took Scollard St.

Memories of William Gibson "The Noir Prophet of the Cyber-Punks," came flooding back to me.
It was the last place I saw him in 1967. He imparted the event of a black limousine that came up on the sidewalk and tried to run him down on that very street shortly before I arrived on the scene. (Makes you wonder if time travel really is possible and The Men In Black have the key to the machine?)

There was construction on the south side, west of Yonge St. so even though I would have preferred to walk in the shade I crossed over to the north side.

That side of the street still has century old houses converted to shops. I pulled up short in front of a tiny house shop with two elaborate hand bags in the window. No signage what so ever, no open sign, but the most unusual landscape decor I had ever seen. (here is where I wished I had my camera with me) It's a very tiny plot about 12 by 6' if that, with 4 steps at a right angle up to the tiny porch. Bright orange and yellow plastic daisies festooned the porch and one inch thick Astro turf covered the steps and lawn area.

One inch thick grass green Astro turf - pale blue shag carpeting? Close enough.

I looked for the quarter sized foreign coin that was on the steps in the dream, not there. Then I said out loud, “Where is Patrick Stewart then?” Turned around to face a dark blue panel van with:

P S Painting Ltd,” lettered on the side.

Raised my hands in praise and spit out through my laughter, “Found him!”

Sometimes my prophetic dreams get the last laugh.

I was going to ask him, if he had viewed his 70th birthday photo edit for "Stewie" called, "Have a Blast!" that
I posted a link to on the IMDb message board.

Nothing more.



"Out Of Order"

Sept. 2012

In the second hand shop on the second floor I found a tin toy ironing board, before I walked down the steps covered in blue shag carpeting.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before that tin toy ironing board
I purchased , surfaced.

We have been suffering through a drought here in eastern Ontario. So as not to drain my well dry I have been taking my laundry with me to fill in time while I waited for my client to complete his rehabilitation courses. (Truly an odd ball guy who demanded rent and grocery receipts from his clients before he sold them crack.)

I did tell the attendant that I was experimenting with different laundromats but I wasn't about to make a video on them. Unlike the last laundromat where I parked with some trepidation, on the sidewalk, this one had lots of parking and I had backed up to the front door.

23 minutes to scrub my stinkies so I went for a stroll.
Across the street was a second hand shop with a tin toy ironing board in the window. Not the same size or color but in the realm of interpreting dream symbolism, it was close enough.
I figured PS was lurking near by, I wasn't looking for him, just musing to myself.

Returned to the up-scale over prices dry cleaner laundry combo after a shocking view of a dark green T-shirt in the Irish shop with the word, "Wanker," on it and a finger pointing to the left. (I guess they figured Canadians are clueless?)

The attendant told me I had 3 more minutes to wait.

I roamed down to the far end of the bank of stainless steel front end loaders to find a STNG pinball machine with Stewy's beaming countenance on the score board. Goody, I found him again!

I still had a quarter left after the greedy machines had swallowed almost all my cash but the sign taped to the top said, "Out Of Order."

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