The Orpheus Files

This sight segment is dedicated to Orpheus the mad scientist who keeps me fascinated.

So who is this cat named Orpheus? He says he's a chemist who works in Boston and herds baby Doc. in the summer time. He's in his mid 40's, tall, athletic, and a romantic flirt! He sometimes calls himself a, "Bear of Little Brains," which is in contradiction to the fact that he will over analyze everything to it's smallest detail and impress you with his quantitative knowledge. He is in truth a very fascinating character from my point of view. He loves to cook and can make you chocolate cherubs using rubber baby dolls as a form!

Orph and I have not always gotten along, in fact there is a flame war we indulged in that I suspect he is proud of, since I asked if we might delete it, and he gave me no reply. When he became the moderator of the message board the day after we set off a 4 alarm fire, I was a little worried.
He is now an administrator, it's almost like being prime minister, you get all the blame.

The following pages are examples of what one can do with one simple black and white picture with a few journeys into other areas that evolved through this
odd cyber relationship.

From Voluntary Security Pat-down check-in
Use this gif when ever Orph gets out of hand!
Orph's Aerial Eaves Dropping Equipment
From An obsolete technology you might like

Hurry up Alice he's getting sarcastic in Japanese!

Inspired from
Sarcasm Detected By the Prefrontal-Lobe,
Interesting Brain Studies

Orpheus the Romantic
At One time Orph Changed is avatar to Aku, here is a hint as what this pictogram depicts!
What is it about Orpheus that keeps making me crazy?
I suppose I should not blame him, I was already crazy to start with.
From This Thread
"You know that weird baby's-butt softness? Treasure/protect it. Many women will find it unbelievably sensual. So much that it will surprise even them. Verba sapienti sat sufficit."


Sept. 18th 05
Inspiration This Thread Post #12
Orph With Bell On

Orph With Belle On

Very Antebellum

No wonder they, "leave the country"
He's so alarming!

I think he's sharp!

Then there is the "caution sign" I suggested.








Sometimes he does shovel it a little thick.

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The Greene Cheese Moon Cult

Meerkat Capers

Good XYZT To You

Winter Olympic Events We'll Never See!

Dawn of the Spawn a Star Warts Spoof.

Added June 2010

Kids and Babies

Mp3 stored on YouTube Added Sept 2010

If Dr.Seuss Wrote an Episode of Star Trek

Added Dec. 2011

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