Foolish Photo Plays

I like to play with my camera.

Sure I can make videos but they require sound and a whole lot of editing that I'm not able to do

at the moment. Not saying that there is not a lot of editing to do on my photo plays, they can be very edit heavy but

I can do them on my office machine

and not disturb the brute asleep in the living room.

Early photo plays of my son can be found here.

Nice Boots

Nice Boots is the first in a series of me playing with dolls/action figures of two actors

who have appeared in my dreams.

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Picard has been warned on the IMDb board,
as for Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi?

I own the dolls and the photographs.

All tongue and cheek as well as good fun for everyone.

Look Over There!

Act one scene 2 of the action figures in action.

The D.Fractor

Act one scene 3 more nonsense.

The Butterfly Effect

A twisted look at the Chaos Theory


The conclusion of The Butterfly Effect

Schrödinger's Cat,

The End.

Maybe not the end?

Of course it's not the end!

The Thermodynamics of Evolution


A send up on Jeremy English's theory

No Infinity


Examination of the carbon based universe?


Next, when ever, the search for a power souse for the malfunctioning D Fractor

Miscellaneous Photo Plays and Edits

The Real Picture
My brothers where always wrestling.

Live Long and Prosper




All of my work is not to be used without my permission.


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