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Food Fights!


Big D. Looks In,

MMMMMM, awfully quiet in here, think I'll just grab one of those croissants and suck up the rest of this whip cream in a can.
She hears a sound behind her and drops to the slimy floor. Now she is nose to nose with Albert! She flips him under her arm and they slither their way over to one of the padded rooms.

That was close Albert, I think it's Osiris coming to read me the riot act?

Big D. grabs a straight jacket off the hook and tosses it over the statue of Keith.

Wouldn't be a good idea for the "Big O." to see what we have been up to down here.

It's awfully dark in here Albert.

Big D. flips on the light after the door to the padded room is closed and sees _ _ _!

Bats and Ben in the padded room leading the Batty Guards in a Cheer Leading Session!
Ra Ra Ra!



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