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Food Fights!

Getting It Together

Monique, Oh, thanks a lot everyone!
Keith and I where just about to... have an intellectual game of chess.

Now I am drenched in ice cream, lemonade, and champagne! Um, bet I taste good, though...

Now Card Board Keith is curling and splitting!

Give him to me.

Karin, Monique, Big D., and Tyrs4Nikki wrestle over cardboard Keith...suddenly he rips in half at the waist!

The question is who got the top half and who got the bottom...and which would you want?

"Quick call Keith, we need another picture for a new cut out. But don't let him see the statue."

Don't worry Karin, Big D. to the rescue, Jump on Flute, we have a job to do.

Monique, you are next if you rip up my Cardboard Keith again. GRRRRRRRR


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