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Don't I wish my mail box looked liked this one?

It should I had over 1000 item in my now closed, eBay store.

I have been a highly valued member of eBay since

January of 2000, off and on.

They made me a power seller to keep me and I was a,




I also sell under these ID's

"Top Rated Seller."


Page updated 2013

The D Consortium site is now a power seller as of last Dec. after only 51 possitive feed backs racked up?
It's more about volume then sales, they throw listing sale I list what ever I have.

Page updated Nov.2011

Undated again the next day.

Those dirty rats took away dianequeenofstuff's, "Power Seller," and "Top Rated Seller," status.

Why? I didn't bother to find out why, I checked my feedback it was still 100% but my sales have been down.

Big surprise there, the European Market is going down the tubes, and

I'm suppose to pay final value fees on Canada Post's outrageous shipping rates?

FYI, it cost $17.50 + tax to ship a 500 gram cup and saucer across this vast country, that takes 9% off my take,

add in all the other fees and it's just not worth my while.

I don't mind losing the Power Seller status, I never earned it in the first place, it was their idea to give it to me last time I threw a hissy fit.

However I earned the, "Top Rated Seller" status through hard work and dedication to my customers.

Never fear, in a world of getting stabbed the back you can count on me to stand by you and what ever deal we make.

Visit Stuff that Didn't Sell Or I'd rather not sell on eBay in my store.