Pink Abstract


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Pink Abstract

Original Oil on Canvas?


Is it a bird? Is it a fish an angel or a demon?

It's what ever you want it to be. Gorgeous lines of forward moving motion.

.This is not a painting to be viewed close up, so I don't recommend it for a tight space. 

Don't know why the inside frame looks odd on the left side, but it's not in real life.

Double wooden frame measures 16 X 13.5"

Painting measures 10 X 8" Frame is in good condition, there is some wear to the finish

on the upper right hand corner.

A bit of an over kill with the large brass eye rings and under kill with the doubled brass wire.

I can't tell if this is an oil on canvas without removing the wood backing.The painting does have a canvas grain to it.

Back is numbered, probably by the framer


Another almost impossible to decipher signature.
S. something something.
I don't think I could figure it out even if it wasn't over top of the textured surface.
The texture is 2mm thick in places. Looks like it might be shaped paper under the oils
Frame is the spotted pink showing in the lowest picture.


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