Good XYZT To You


What I was hoping to come up with is a universal time zone greeting for the web.
Instead of saying, "Good Morning" or the generic, "Good Day." the designer in me wanted
to play with it, but my education level is that of less then quantitative.
I was thinking of an anagram, but so far no go.

If one takes the mathematical equation for the 3 dimensions xyz and add t for time
you have a perfect greeting that does not require you know what time it is on the other side of the planet or
when they read your message.

I asked a diverse selection of brains in a science forum: You might like to play with it too?
I received one reply.


Cremmer and Julia and Sherk
used 11 for supergravity work
I was fine with just 4
or just a few more,
But let's not go totally berserk.

Then M-theory (Witten et al)
proved 11 was quite maximal
To do supergravity
using supersymmetry
You can't have a dozen at all

My reply: edited

That's not the quest, gravity is dimension five
I'm only asking for four as a way to say hi.
I don't need a dozen,
Of relativity's cousins.
Please stick to the topic when next you reply?


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