Two Dragons

Two Dragons



I search my soul to descry the revelation to the inquest to the justification.
Though I would cast up barricades to obstruct your light.
Your fiery breath does fracture them to shards so slight,
The faintest susurration sets them to flight.

Possessed am I, not of longing for you.
Of once knowing you as knowing myself previously.
Antecedent to the inclement or compassionate twists of the River Stix.
That deactivated and disinfected the directive.
Retrospection that might be left to read volumes,
Of our past lives in divergent realities.

I need you not, I am self possessed.
I need not your resources, my accountant sustains my burdens.
I need not your capacity, I have unearthed my armory in reserve.
I need not your affirmation, I can speak abundantly for us both.

Two dragons on our winged flights, as mist we meet, as maelstrom we contest.
Entwining tendrils of miasma dissipate from sight, still sting from their inimical impact.
You did grow from the number zero and I am traveling to zero too soon.
In quest of our soul mates we expend our lives only to retain ground zero.
An Ox to an Ox well favored are we, with quip and sufficient intelligence,
To cure the power struggle that erupts as blasts, from the mechanisms of our furnaces.

L.D. Neill


The dragons have been dancing and nipping at each other for so long that they...

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