Spy Vs Spy

Spy Vs Spy

When the tables flip spy guy flips on spy gal.
Tongues wagging and fingers pointing, hey pal?

Remorseless is her cunning mirrored spirit.
To be expected when you enlist her as a ferret.

Rummaging through the warrens of her brainy buck,
She stumbles on combinations that confer no luck.

Tossing quips of scribble wily nilly from Mr. Silly!
Explication sought through reverberation, riposte, will he?

Hell NO! Sever the silence that is a peerless puzzle?
It is not his voice but his nimble fingers she need muzzle!

The love he sends is contorted around secrecy eccentric.
It chatters like shotgun scatter striking slots within her intellect!

Messages that seem seamy with seemingly seamless symmetry,
She inquired after videos, for sharing is caring and scholarly.

Firstly she saw offense, assurances of safety were intended.
Her “cough syrup” was admired, candidly he commended.

Spy guy adjudicated spy gal was too adroit at coursing and glimpsing.
Too deep into his psyche she must have been diving, constantly inquiring,

He extinguished the labyrinth where she haunted his lavish diatribes,
To interpret the intention why they appropriate each other’s psychic vibes.

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