Written 2015


One summer's day, I strayed to ponder.
Though my window, a few yards yonder,
I witnessed the resident robins, perform a cloacal kiss!
Which begins this story, You won't want to miss.

They nested behind the Too Tall shed
Where their kiss issued, mouths to be fed.
Scattered, cast off sky blue eggs but only one chick?
He was round he was fuzzy and decidedly quick?

Not during fledging he would crash and I'd frown.
His parents' eye contact, said he was a clown!
The alpha was aged, this was his last issue.
Fall found him quite cold, please pass me a tissue.

Then there was a new opening, for a dominant male,
To be robin ruler, to this rural home's many trails.
He came back from the south, young and eager to serve.
Too young to go courting, proud and reserved.

While tending my gardens, I offered up names.
That we might be formal, was my amiable aim.
"Roger, perhaps Richard, then Rupert." I said.
He looked over towards me, and nodded his head.

The following season, Rupert battled for lovers.
Successful he was, as you will discover.
Though the tall window, eleven robins kept their distance,
Three females, seven fledglings, proved his insistence.

The family dispersed, to their home in the south.
His tardy returning, turned down my mouth.
I need not have worried, Rupert is healthy and strong.
Here is his home, it's where he belongs.

As I weeded my many weeds, that never tire,
His sweet serenade, streamed from the overhead wires.
Those wires are most useful, I found him one day.
Spying into the window, turn-a-round is fair play!

I had not been well, he missed me it seems?
When I saw his concern, it made my smile beam.
My summer companion, brings pure delight,
Singing songs in the morning and just before night.

On this spinning rock, humans fuss and fight greed.
It is good to commune, with those that are freed.
To sing in the tree tops and swoop through the air.
Life with Rupert the robin... a fantastic affair!

Daily he advertises, from on high, his might.
I offered to set him up, his very own, web site!
Like a snake shrugs it's shoulders while riding a bike.
A web site? No more then an absurdity strike!

He is quite the stud, not your mediocre hick,
The ladies all visit, for his twisted helix.
No time to raise chicks, when your in such demand.
The females will tell you, he's a popular brand.

While washing up dishes, it made my heart thump!
Too watch Rupert watch me, from a poplar branch stump.
I dashed for my camera, pressed to the glass my shutter.
"I've got you now," one could hear me mutter.

I had chased him one evening down the east trail.
It was dark he was hiding, the usual travail.
Scolding me for my trouble, as he went on the go,
I perhaps caught his image, just try to find Waldo!

One mid summer's day, an owl came our way.
In the woods to the west, unseen she did stay.
Hooting sent tremors of terror through all avian kind!
Silent birds left me here on my own, they did hide.

Rupert was livid, on the antennae he postured.
Was not my doing, no owl had I conjured.
Last seen he fled south, to the green woods afar.
Dropping his first present, on the hood of my car.

This was a surprise, I'd never seen him cross!
Quiet, it followed, with the owl now the boss.
The hooting was pleasant, the yard so serene.
Soon enough the sweet owl, she split the scene.

The leaves changing color, migration time draws nigh.
Rupert did not disappoint, with his new flock of nine.
In the west yard with the frantic bickering chickadees,
A farewell to our season, I am blessed, I am pleased.





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