From a musical I have been writing since the late 1970's
 One needs to imagine a pair of dancing clones handing out their organs. 
Sick? Twisted? Controversial? 
That's the point!

The Clone's Song

Perfect match perfect type,
What could be better than,
A clone from your design?

You need not feel guilty,
Are brains have been lobotomized.
We are here to serve you,
One piece at a time.

We are your test tube replicas,
Produced for and here just because, we’re,
Genetic fact similes of the geneticist design.

Need a new hand, here take mine,
Need a new heart? This will suit you fine.
Need a new eye, just look through mine.
Welcome to your spare parts warehouse.
We have got the where with all to share us.

Once you had to copulate for the human race to propagate.
Cloning is much easier.
Replicate do not inseminate.
We are perfect every time.

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