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This next one is a little complicated to describe.
Orpheus has often stated that he is in touch with his feminine side.
Example #1 Post #11
I find this very attractive and yet, I still don't consider myself to be a lesbian.

There have been many times I've search for inspiration to doll Orpheus up as a doll but the timing was never right.

The picture was created for The Suicidal Fluffy Bunny gets lucky, lucky in suicidal bunny terms, anyway
Bobble-Head Orph

From this thread, post #369

From: A silly, slightly off-topic game
I missed his caption and I though he had mimed it?

For a truly fun read, look into Orph's last post on the last page inside the spoiler. The one for the Meerkat picture. I recommend you not be drinking anything when you do.

Orphepedic Wear
Where does on buy Muu-Muus (outside of Hawaii)

The conversation had to do with people who take too many antioxidants.
This next one was sent via PM

Catch Me If You Can

Orph was looking to find a home for his little guys?

Orph was a little angry at the guy in the picture, from an ETU thread I can't find.

From a rollicking thread on the Beach, this is a
statue of Orpheus with his preferred body type, pant-less.
I think this one closed off that same thread.




Dominatrix Pooh
He asked for it.

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