Greene Cheese Moon

What can I say about what happens when Orpheus and I put our heads together?

The question of the Greene Cheese Moon cult or the Cheese Crusades was asked of the board members in this thread.

If you read it you see that I was a little miffed at the work involved in actually finding links on the web that would lead to evidence that there was in deed a cult of the Greene Cheese Moon. My questions as to what type of mammal would make enough milk to produce enough cheese of that magnitude and how would one explain the stars?

Orpheus provided an answer and a link to an old legend.

"Well, since the largest mammal --now or ever-- is the blue whale, I suppose the cheese would have to be the milk of some sort of space whale -- let's say "cetus", the beast that devoured Andromeda.
No, no, not that Andromeda, the *other* Andromeda. "

You have to read the link to catch the whole story, but what I deduced was,

Myself: By Jove, Orpheus you have the basics for a possible cult of the greene cheese moon phenomena!

So we have a whale/Cetus producing the milk for the cheese, now we need a story as to how it
ended up in orbit around earth.

How about Perseus doing the deed, because there is a lot of latitude in the legend to work around.

Cetus has to be female, and she just gave birth to a swarm of her kind that needed to suckle on her milk or parish. Perseus who can fly, grabs the beast by her tail and spinning her over his head as he ascends into the heavens causes her milk to spray out and coat her before she leaves the atmosphere. The combination of the lack of atmosphere in space and the milk congealing around the whale that has been spun into a ball, is why we have a greene cheese moon today.

Sounds plausible possible now, doesn't it?

As for the stars?

Orpheus: "Not only that, but you've explained the Milky Way, too."

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