Dawn of the Spawn

A Silly Ex Isle Shout/Soapbox Tale of Impromptu Nonsense.

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May 7-8-9 2010


Orpheus : *snaps fingers*

GCross: *Snaps back at Orph*

Orpheus : *turns into toad*

I'M SO SORRY, ORPH! I didn't know I could do that! I must have come in to my powers late in life! Oh, calamity!

Orpheus : *ribbit*

Analog Kid : Now, let's find out if frogs' legs REALLY taste like chicken!!

D.Rabbit : You mean duck don't you?

Orpheus : *ribbit*
*thinks "A duck in blackface? There MUST be a good comeback punchline, but I'm coming up dry"*

D.Rabbit : Maybe I should not have left your old avatar's head on this one, it's not black face, it's a very goofy looking toad.
Keep working on the punch line, I can wait.

Let's try it again?

Raeven : ROFLMAO - it's Dr Toad

D.Rabbit : GCross you might want to put a hold on those snapping fingers of your, they are pure evil!

Orpheus : <ArrogantWorms>They call me Dr. Toad.
Good morning. How are you? I'm Dr. Toad.
I'm interested in things.
I'm not a real amphibian
But I really am a doc...</aw>

All glory to the Administoad!

D.Rabbit : Or maybe we can find you under the dock near the shore? What's your favorite bug oh Great Administoad?

Orpheus : Administoad likes to eat software bugs. But not too many at once. Must keep figure.
Administoad likes to sit like a Doc on the bay/ watching the tide drift away. Administoad often pulls Baywatch duty.

Darkside_1 : Two toads are sitting on a lilly pad. One asks the other "How deep is the water?" The other replies "Knee-deep! knee-deep!"

D.Rabbit : Baywatch duty? Watch that ticker of yours, we don't want you to get too excited and croak.

Raeven : What do you say to a hitch-hiking administoad?
Hop in!

Orpheus : Administoad does not croak. Administoad ribbits. Administoad has Gone Hollywood

Darkside_1 : [Daffy Duck]You're Disssspeckable[/Daffy Duck]

Orpheus : If you kiss an Administoad who has gone Hollywood, does he turn into Prince(tm)?

Darkside_1 : [Kermit]It's not easy being green...[/Kermit\]

Orpheus : However Administoad may *choose* to croak. As often as he wishes. Unlike cats, which only croak 9 times

D.Rabbit : Does he turn into a Prince?

Not quite.

(sorry picture lost to major mess up)

Orpheus : Ladies and gentlemen, I present the first Sleestak/cave man hybrid

Raeven : but but where's the horn?

D.Rabbit : Don't worry Rae, it's plenty horny.

Orpheus : Administoad does not have horns. What do you think Administoad is? A bullfrog?
Oh... you thought Administoad was a horny toad? Well, I suppose that's understandable

D.Rabbit :
Ya know what else a Hollywood Toad might get into?

D.Rabbit : Dawn of the Spawn is a charming tail of two almost mature tadpoles, who hops out of the primordial soup made of radioactive goo into the boot of a Jedi where they played leap frog with each other until they entered into the Jedi's ears and take over his brain. They then start to fight with absolutely everyone until they gain control of the galaxy.

: So it's basically a teenage mutant ninja toad tale?

D.Rabbit : No quite, the Ninja Turtles where all males, the toads are named, Tad and Polina. When they mature they spawn more of their kind, so no quadrant will ever be safe from their quest for domination.

GCross : Huh. Sounds interesting, D.

Orpheus : Actually toads can (or can be made to) change gender. In the late 70s, you'd find the phrase "no toad sexing" all over MIT, penciled in tiny letters or as bold signs (which I then defaced with "No turtle necking)


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