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I love to gallop around my property and play with the junk I accumulate, this is a collection of the old milk can that use to hold up my mail box, a lamp shade frame and a tin globe that found a home on the north hill.

What makes it one of my historical depictions is the fact that the top of the planet is sun burned. A comment on how our race has set about destroying the protective ozone layer of the atmosphere.

I find the picture beautiful and very poignant.

What you receive for you payment is a full color signed print on how ever it will fit on at 8.5 by 11" high quality glossy photo paper, with out the across the front of it.
I could have it framed but that would run the price up another $100.00


Shipping rates world wide sans frame, $5.00 letter post.
Insurance? email me, we can talk.

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Please email me your address and I will invoice you.

I also accept International money orders, American Express Travelers Checks and Certified Checks.


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