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8 Track Vest

Could It Get Any More Camp?


What to do with those old 8 tracks that die on you was the inspiration for this vest. I even used the cassette case to wrap the tape around to make the fringe. I only made this one and a funky hat before I sent the rest of my dead tapes to the great lost cause in the sky.

Who knows why pictures taken at the same time, with the same setting come out different? The left picture is the closes to the color. You will notice there are different shades of tape,
because not 8 tracks where not all made the same.

I went all out on this item and added two pockets to the front, I tucked the cotton hankies in the pockets to show them better, (BTW they are included)

There are no buttons, so it doesn't matter where your waistline is on this piece, it closes with an odd vintage cuff link with a heraldry lion on it. One just slips the link stem between the tape and opens it.

It has my design tag sewn carefully inside, so you will know who to blame for this fabulous
child of inspiration that sprung from my brow! 


Back length: 22"

Side Length: 11"

Chest: 34" to 36"



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