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White Vrille Jane Hat With Beaded Flower

Vrille? That's the name of this type of interesting yarn with a modified eye lash look by Phildar.
It is 70% Polyester and 15% cotton and 15% acrylic.
This is older stock yarn, made in West Germany, but the quality has not been compromised because it was stored properly.

The flower is stitched down all around so it will not flop around. The center bead is genuine 10mm faceted crystal.

From crown to forehead it measures 7.5" the label sewn into the back of this hat so there won't be any embarrassing moments.

There are no washing instructions on the labels, so I recommend hand wash flat dry, but because of it's material contents, machine washing, flat dry should work just fine.


Rates to the States ONLY:
Small Packet air is $6.50

Small packet rates include Canada Post's non optional insurance

Other Destinations:

Please email me your address and I will invoice you.

I also accept International money orders, American Express Travelers Checks and Certified Checks.

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