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Large Exceptional DesignerBeret with a

Beaded Flower

I've been making these large berets since the the 1970's when the afro was all the rage and these hats where very popular.

This one is better than the ones I sold back then, the material is very high quality. It is a combination of linen, silk, mohair, cotton, and some other unknown fibers included. I used 3 different types of yarn to give it texture. 

In the center of the flower is a lamp work glass bead, it's on the simple side, more like a marble with strips. I actually agonize over which bead to use, and I liked this one the best.

This hat is 12" across with a draw string on the lower edge.
The draw string can be tucked in or left fly in the breeze.

This is not a no name mass produced hat, it has tags and my label sewn into  the inside. I'm very proud of this piece, it's a well made garment by a practiced designer in crochet.


Rates to the States ONLY:
Small Packet air is $6.50
Small Packet Surface is $5.25
Small packet rates include Canada Post's non optional insurance
Please be advised that surface may take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Other Destinations:

Please email me your address and I will invoice you.

I also accept International money orders, American Express Travelers Checks and Certified Checks.

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