Peach Moonstone Earrings


Off The Hook Designs Canada

Peach Moon Stone
With Amethyst Loops

These are made 4mm round peach moonstone and dark purple amethysts dancer knotted on natural silk cords

The findings and the ear wires are sterling silver plate.

Earrings are 1.25" long

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Balances the emotions and increases intuition. Brings peace and harmony, and provides balance with moon cycles, such as, menstrual and bio-rhythm. Good for providing feminine energy and emotional stability. Absorbs illness and pain, and draws us toward the spiritual energies. Good for anxiety, stress, feminine sexuality and childbirth.
Sacral and solar plexus.


Well known to absorb and dissolve negativity which helps against stress and nightmares. Works at all levels, mind, body and spirit. Said to be good for the head, headaches, eyes, scalp and hair, by purification and renewal. Thought to increase spiritual awareness, meditation and concentration by raising energy levels. Also helps with arthritis, hearing and the skeleton. Aids blood sugar balance. Believed (from Ancient Greek times) to work well for those suffering from frustrations and addictions, particularly alcohol.
Third eye and crown.


Includes Light Packet shipping to the States and Canada.

$3. extra to the rest of the world

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