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The D. Consortium Digital Wedding Collage

This is a collage of Tara and Adam Beach's Wedding

made up from these 4 scanned snap shots.

The listing price is for up to a 4 picture collage. 

These pictures ^ have been blurred by the process to bring it to you on the web in a format that does not take a lengthy time to load. It is far more clear in definition when transferred in a larger file format or printed out by yours truly.

I also created these Wedding Collages!

This link^ is to a rather unique wedding to start with.

No shipping charges if picture is emailed,

$12. charge for printing and mailing letter post to any where in Canada and the States.

This has it's advantages because it will have my signture on it.

$50. charge for a personalized web page at my web site.

These collages, printed, would make wonderful additions to your  thank you note or they could be printed out in a smaller size and used  as thank you cards.




Other Destinations:

Please email me your address and I will invoice you.

I also accept International money orders, American Express Travelers Checks and Certified Checks.

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