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Revenge Is Sweet

Get Even With This Animation!

This is D. Rabbit after reading something that her Pooh Bear wrote she found a little on the weird side. Her super soaker gun is filled with honey. Not such a nasty revenge considering the bear is a beast for yummy honey!

For sale in this listing is a chance for you to have your face as Rabbit's and the face that I blanked out with a smilie face of the person who annoys you the most.

It's a very therapeutic animation. I know I felt a whole lot better after I created it!

Your personalized animation will be housed for 30 days at my photo host where a password is required to enter. Your privacy is my utmost concern. I will not sell or show your rendition of this zany animation with out your permission.




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Please email me for my snail mail address.

I also accept Cash, International money orders, American Express Travelers Checks and Certified Checks.

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