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My mother's family where Vaudeville performers.

I come upon my silly ditties honestly. It's a family tradition.

My Grandfather use to sing a song about me, called, The Dolly With the Dimples on Her Bum Bum Bum.

So when some of the stage crew at Toronto Workshop Productions (where I worked as the assistant stage manager) started calling me dimples..

yes there was a peep hole in the ladies john!

My Grandfather had quite the repertoire that I tried to have him record on tape for the family.

He was a cantankerous old coot and decided to take his legacy to the grave with him.

Myself, I'm as far from main stream music as I can get, even these days with all the weird stuff passing as marketable.

So if your one of those folks who are clickish about your music, I will disappoint you.

To date, July 2009 in order of uploads.

Donut Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
A jab at Tim Hortons

A rewritten poem for the Noir Prophet of the Cyberpunks/ex boy friend, William Gibson

Also on this page a sound effects percussion back up to the spoken words of Keith Hamilton Cobb/Pooky

My First #1 Hit
Camp Song

Baby Boo
A song I sang to my dog.

I Am
Song about my ethnic background

Kids and Babies
Stored on YouTube
Added Sept 2010

I have been writing a musical for over 25 years so they will be surfacing soon.

all rights reserved, duplication of my work by permission only

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