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Food Fights!

Whistle While You Work

Whistle while you work, tweetley tweet tweetley toot, tweetly tweetly tweetly twit!

Stitch and sew, stitch and sew the invisible raiment that cloaks my heat source and doesn’t interfere with the boomerang effect of my suit. Ready for war.

La La La good thing I’m a couturier as well as the most amazing person I have ever met.

Now I can leave this place and help Karin up the stairs.

Hey Karin glad to see you are awake. I just received this bottle of champagne from Betsy, I think you could use some of the hair of the dog.

Whoops forgot, Betsy shook it up a little first, you won’t mind wearing the first glass or two will you?

That’s okay, here, she picked up these fruit tarts in France this afternoon. (only Betsy and I know where this tart has been.)


All of my work is not to be used without my permission.


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