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Food Fights!

Tug of War

Hi, About the Vote. I took the hour. (Andromeda is on here at 7 p.m.) Seems there is a tie.

“Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control the real Deb Bem has decided to take maters into her own hands and operate on Karin’s brain.
Not if Big D. can help it. Big D. Jumps into The Banana Skate Board to battle with the pink Cadillac. (Ugly Mother would be an unfair advantage.)
No one is going to inhibit me from my first slice and dice operation. NO ONE!
LET GO Deb Bem or I will pull your eye ball out of it’s socket and nail it to your forehead!
(“HE-HE-HE I stole that from the show!”)

Technical stuff, The new back ground is a scan of one of my original pictures. It's a sample cloth of liquid embroidery paints. I was testing them to see if they all worked and never the type to waste a creative opportunity. I worked it into one of my strange abstracts. It makes a great mess I think. It is signed L.D.N. under the pink Cadillac.


All of my work is not to be used without my permission.


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