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Food Fights!

The Dance


The show was terrific and Keith was very impressed with my older brother Doug's performance as Puck.
Think of a middle aged math teacher prancing around scantily clad and making faces at the audience. That’s my brother! His sweet wife was very relieved that this was the last performance so now she can get back to life as normal as it gets with Doug. He brings his character home with him and the spirit never leaves the house until the show closes. At least he kept his clothes on in this show, and I’m the black sheep of the family? Actually Dear brother Rob is the black sheep, he’s a Federal Accountant.

Now we are off for an evening of dancing after a quick costume change. Ladies and Lurkers “The Dance.”

See how you do with a moving target!

In the thread Karin threw orange and black jelly beans onto the dance floor.
I just managed to avoid the jelly beans but Keith is miffed about it Karin.

We where bare foot dancing and one got caught between his toes. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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