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Food Fights!

Pixie Dust

Oh Rats!
Whoops wrong word.

Can’t let the rats out in this sea of Molasses, think of my ratty dental bills.

Mare, if you read what was in that soup you would know, that no one will get any cleaner by using it.

Only one answer to this mess, Pixie Dust.

Since I am all out of pixie dust It is going to have to be a smoke and mirror event.
Big D. struggles up to her feet and tires to raise her arms up over her head. Stuck.

Has to be a job for the real Keith, AK is glued to the floor.

Keith Hamilton Cobb, Where are you?

Keith look what that Vandal Karin did.

Every one here is pretty well Hid.

From Keith, the pixie dust did fly,

“Molasses Vanish” he does cry.”

Our Hero, *Sigh*



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