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Food Fights!

Home At Last

What, is she insane? Thinking she can just waltz out of here with my android!

Big D. pulls out the homing device and high steps it out of the thread.

She tracks them down to the boudoir and turns on the instant shock mechanism!
Wild screaming comes from inside, and while Tyrs4Nikki is running butt naked around the room Big D. escorts Android Keith back to the thread.

I bet she enjoyed that little shock wave just the same.

Big D. shakes her head. AK you look a little messed up, wink, that’s better.

I rigged you up a better ankle shackle. If anyone tries to cut through this one a 1,000 volt charge will fix their wagons.

AK I have a wonderful job for you to do, I know everyone here is going to enjoy this very much.



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