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Food Fights!

Eat My Dust

C2 called in Little Bebbie, (little Debbie's a psychopath with schysofrenic tendencies who turns into a Magog named,"Deb Bem."

C2 tells her that I have her man on a chain! Little Debbie freaked out, slammed me into the pumpkin mess on the floor then tossed me in the brig, telling me I have to stay there until I decide to be good. Then she takes off in her pink Cadilac.

Your so tough, that wasn’t a chain, it was a satin ribbin. C2 lied.
What you didn’t notice is that I lifted the key out of your pocket when you tossed me in the brig, tough gal.
Sure all tough gals drive PINK Cadilacs?

Big D. grabs Keith and jumps into Ugly Mother she chases Little Debbie down the road.

You want me to be a good girl? Good luck! (One thing about Ugly Mother is that Big D. doesn’t care a hoot about what happens to it.)
So Deb I hope you have better than my V8 or I will be on your tail in a heart beat, playing, "Nudge the Little Spit Fire Off the Road." Then you can eat my dust.



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