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Food Fights!

Bucky and D. Clean UP

Well it has been an eventful day at the FF again.

What a mess and What a SMELL! Didn’t take us long to mess the joint up.

Enough is enough and Bucky and I have decided the only answer was to scrape this place down so that there would be more room to dance in here come tomorrow night.

Dancing with all those loaded thongs laying all over the place would be like dancing through a mine field.

Every one, Move Back, BIG D. coming through.

ADDED C2 peeks in, grins happily that Bucky & D are doing all the cleaning (I always grin when someone ELSE does clean-up. it's so rare) this week.... sees a freaking huge cat peering over the side of the moon, drops the Chinese take-out she was gonna share (well it's the weekend) and runs way.

PS. did Bucky go in for that Class- M license as I advised him to? The Mounties are just waiting for an excuse....(still peeved about the PM's pool....)


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