First #1 Hit

My Very First #1 Hit!

It's very short, Play^
I altered my voice so I would sound younger.

Most folks who grew up in Ontario know this filk to, How Dry I Am.

I wrote it on the back porch when I was eight years old.

Someone had to write it, right?

We had a big problem with the bathroom key. It was the type of key that you could pull out of the lock and it often got lost, or whom ever was in the bathroom could not get it to work.

So you where left standing in the hall with your legs crossed yelling at them to pass it under the door so you could give it a go.

During that time, and this will date this piece to the late 1950's, there was a commercial on the TV for Playtex pants.

I took the song to summer camp with me and it caught on.

Ah yes, and I'm now claiming all royalties owed me too.


All of my work is not to be used without my permission.



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