A.D. Anecdotist D.



Anecdotist D.


The Creation of


Anecdotist D.

Pulled together and apart by using a pile of squashed circles for my first 3 minute video, The Possessed Donkey.

The link will take you to the most recent version.

I first wanted to call her Demonic D. but she truly does not share the same personality as
DD the Damsel of the Dungeon.

A.D.'s colors are red and black.

She is a narrator, the story teller.

I doubt that she will appear in another one of my enterprises, but you never know.


Since she is entwined in the extended saga of my fantasy life with KHC...  


Anecdotist D. in Pure Fiction


Hi, Anecdotist D. is my name
I'd say it was all about the bird cage of my soul and KHC's ability to sneak in and out of my life via the astral plane, playing silly tricks while he watches over me. Maybe not like a blue canary, more so a typing donkey. It's a throw back from the days when I would received odd e-mails/spam and have what appeared to be curious conversations with him. He was quite amused when told him I was going to jump on his back and ride him, calling him my typing donkey.

I received this picture via spam, that was not selling anything.

That is how I came to be in possession of the stuffed donkey in the first place.

I found the one I used in the video
in a second hand shop and joked at the check-out he was going to be my Pooka's avatar.

Little did I know at the time...

About the other women? I don't worry too much about them, not as if there are that many women on the planet that can conjure him up like I can.

Mood swings? Come back later Donkey Man when your ready to party!

Sure they say I'm crazy, but I contest that analysis by saying, "I'm dealing with a crazy man!"
Whether we are both crazy or just highly evolved is still up in the air.




About my private blog...I don't explain the collation between posting the story of Tonto and Scout and how the donkey's feet managed to get tangled in the blanket.

I've always kept a diary, but after losing a few to older computers I started to keep mine on line at Hotmail. I recommend some type of on line resource to keep your dates etc. straight.

All entries/letters are addressed to K.H.C. Part of my twisted fantasy that he has hacked in to my Hotmail account that shares the same password as the message board I suspect he admin's. It's sleazy but that's neither here nor there when it come to the strangeness that continues to continue over the past 10 years. I could change the password, I have several times, but then, I miss him.

I use to read his posts on the message board to get the answers to my questions posted in the blog. Pretty easy to find them, they made absolutely no sense in context with the thread subject! I don't do it/stalk him anymore, it was making me question my sanity?

I changed the sheets the day I sent the message about the Lone Ranger movies, too hot to get under the floral quilt his legs where tangled in, and I have a witness that the blanket was tossed to the side. My then 3 year old neighbor and I had been playing on the bed just after I made it. He didn't touch the donkey, he's more of a car and truck kind of kid.

I used actual screen captures of the blog entry titles in the video, any questions and I'll think about answering them.