Are You a Victim of the Canada Post Letter Shark?

Temporary Conclusion
June 09



Have I lost interest in this cause?

Not in the least, I'm still trying to sell on eBay with this handicap weighing heavy on my back.

I have had several emails from Moira Greene the CEO of Canada Post.

She is very evasive when it comes to answering my questions.

Her view is the corporate myopic eye on the bottom line.

Her excuse is that Canada Post does not want to be a burden on the tax payers.

If one considers that the lion's share of the profits goes to the the Federal Government, the excessive rates are just another hidden tax.

Trying to convince her that she might have more sales if the rates where reasonable was not a skirmish that I have won, this time.

The war is not over, it never will be when insane rates are still detouring my hopes of making a living.
I did ask her to seek professional help, because she might be as insane as the rates!

Seems my only recourse is to sell to the rich, those that never look at the price, and shipping rates,
or sell very light weight items that can slip through the stingy gage.

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