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Up Date for Dec 2009
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I will scan up that newspaper article from the Financial Post (June 13 06) that reported Canada Post's $199 million dollar profit last year if you like and email it to you if you need proof of my statement.

A friend of mine works for Canada Post as well as a few of your friends too I might conjecture. She works at a small post office with 11 employees. Canada Post should be totally ashamed of their, "Christmas Bonus," that consisted of one bag of Lintd Lindor Chocolate candies to be divided among the staff.

There are approximately 12 candies per package.

At least no one was left out.

Considering they would have charged me $11.50 to mail this 250 gram parcel from Ontario to the west coast, they should be given the honor of being named Scrooge Corporation of the year.

So my fellow Canadians since we are the major share holder in this corporation, my I suggest we hang our heads in shame for the treatment of our staff who for the most part try to uphold the motto:

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers
from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

We may all have our horror stories of last mail etc. and the motto above is Greek in origin, but it pretty much sums up the adversity these folks work through here in the Great White North.

Dec.27th Up Date

Seems the post office I was speaking of was one of the lucky ones.
That the candies where a regional treat.
I dropped into the local post office today that is in a different region, to
find that all Canada Post gave them this year was a card?

According to the clerk, Canada Post makes one third of their income during the Christmas rush.
The staff works more than twice as hard to keep things moving.

I often joke that I am the CEO of Canada Post, because I am a Canadian Citizen. Today I apologized to them, and decided that I should resign my post as CEO of this heartless corporation. Both members of the staff begged me not to. They see the value in my leadership. I may just be shouting into the ether, but it's the only hope they have.

Dec. 2009 Up Date

I have no idea if this page had anything to do with the bonus of a holiday with pay for the postal employees
the Monday after Christmas this year, but I hope it did.

Even the temporary employees received a bonus calculated by the number of hours they have accumulated.

2 thumbs up for Canada Post.

However they might have mentioned it on their web site, for I wasted a trip to the post office that day.



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