The Insanity of Irony


This ^is feedback left to me by an eBay customer in the States.

I sent it to Moira Greene the last CEO of Canada Post as an attachment Dec. 2009.

Among other issues I asked her to please seek professional help, because she might be as insane as the rates?

Jan. 1st Canada Post started to collect Loonies (a Canadian $1. coin) at the till to help support mental health!

Oh the Irony!


When the new rates pamphlet was released in Jan. of this year, one has to scratch their head over some of the irrational international rates.

There are some that are way out of line. I had to ask myself who the primate was who decided them?

My next stop at the post office I picked up one of the new dispensers for rolls of stamps, turned it around and found his picture on the back!


Another pamphlet that one can pick up at the post office called:



Affordable rates

Charging fair prices and consulting the public before setting new rates.

Who do they think they are kidding?

They consulted with me, told me that they are competitive, I told them they where not, the end.

Since when is it fair to ship a set of cufflinks from Ontario to Vancouver and

be charged $14.58 for a 100 gram parcel that won't fit through their stingy gage?



How blind/myopic can a corporation be?
They are now having to borrow money for improvements because the major shippers and most e-commerce merchant that live near the boarder,
take their stock across and ship it at a reasonable rate to their customers in Canada.
Internal shipping is so expensive, that if I was still on eBay full time, I would sell from and not ship to Canadians.

I'm betting they have lost a lot of business now that eBay is charging 9% final value fees (FVF) on all shipping rates.
No way am I'm going to pay 9% on those rates along with all the other fees, I closed my eBay store.

I did alert Canada Post, they where clueless when eBay made this policy change, and came back to me with:
"I met with eBay last week and I raised the issue.  eBay explained that this was a policy set in the US and that it is primarily aimed at making sure that actual shipping rates are posted for the item which they believe is fairer to consumers."

This is BS, they changed the way they charged the FVF because some sellers where dodging the FVF by selling the item for a buck and charging their profits in the shipping fees. It was the easiest way for eBay to get their pound of flesh out of them.

(copies of my communication with eBay's brass, available upon request)

I've been saying for years that Canada Post is shooting itself in the foot with their insane rates.
The rates where set back when our dollar was around .75 cents. it has not been that low in a decade.

We are dealing with a large portion of the planet that has devalued it's dollar to close to .03 cents.
We can not compete.



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