Are You a Victim of the Canada Post Letter Shark?



Of course you are. We all are.

Mission Statement

What Canada Post Has to Say

Canada Post Letter & Small Parcel Rates

More Rates That Bite

Update ^ Nov.29 2005

The Fuel Surcharge

Update ^Dec. 04 2005

Web Sites and Blogs

Update^ Feb.08 2006

A growing collection of diatribes and suggestions for Canada Post

Canadian Seller Profitability on eBay - Voice your suggestions here!

Update^ Sept.11 2006

At this date their are 19 pages of mostly diatribes toward Canada Post and their inflated rates.
Ebay sellers are the back bone of Canada Post, so the post office tells me.

Canada Post = Scrooge

Update ^ Dec. 2009

Temporary Conclusion

Update ^ June 09

After 4 years of dealing with this dilemma, several emails to the CEO of Canada Post this is how it has played out so far.

Added Sept 2010

The Insanity of Irony!

A couple of my party jokes and an update on the new interim CEO Stewart Bacon.

Added Oct 2010

Fraudulent Tracking Numbers


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