How To Talk Like a Canadian Eh?

Created Winter, 2011

Original Doodle From a 1981 Journal

Found this doodle in a journal a few months ago, scanned it up and in my spare time started to work with it.

The photography in the Z area is mine, from my wood lot and that evil cotton wood tree that had to die.

I did most of my research for the collage at:

Knight's Canadian Info Collection

They do have quite the collection of information.

Other bits where searched out through the web.
That 500 ton fiddle in Nova Scotia was a great find.

I've tried to add in as much of Canadian iconism as possible without getting too cluttered.

Note that it is Brain Mulroney's face in the D in the doodle, I masked it because I moved him into the W.
What can I say, his nose was a perfect fit?
I removed the text because the Peace Tower sitting on top of an outhouse, said the same thing.
It was the similarity between the inside line of the W and Trudeau's nose that inspired the
Prime Minister collection.

Changing the mushroom into CBC's logo? If the cap fits...
That is the coat of arms/logo for CSIS on the stalk.

Text on the news paper in the E apartment:

Left: More Snow
Right: More Corruption

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