Baby Boo

The Illustrated Story of Baby Boo

With Plans to Build a Dog House

Text, Illustrations and Technical Drawings


L.D. Neill



This is the true story of my white German Shepherd, Baby Boo.

It was my first attempt at drawing with a mouse using MS paint.

I found that the minimalist effect works best when working with a track ball mouse.

Baby Boo is no longer with us. He passed away Oct. 2002.

He is still missed today.

I can sometimes feel his presents behind me as I walk through the woods.

However, his hair can still be found in remote reaches of the house.



This is the new improved rollover edition of the story of Baby Boo.
Edited Dec. 2008

Text Edited Sept 2012 into rhyming couplets.

If your using Internet Explorer you will be able to see the pop up text.

Click the picture above to begin.

Edited July 09 to add an MP3 file of the song I use to sing to him.

If your anything like Baby Boo you will be rolling yours eyes at me too.


Added March 2010

Small Baby Boo Photo Gallery

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