Wood Lots

My house is surrounded by wood lots.

One lot was questionably mine the other was questionably mine for 18 years until it was finally surveyed after the farm behind me was sold again,
a few years ago. It was decided and noted at the township office that the east lot was indeed deeded to the school board by Major Chase in 1904.
That's the back woods of Ontario for you, they hire whom ever and get what ever.

At least I got the building off the road allowance when I first bought it.

This shot I called "Devine Destiny"

The wild grape vines had totally taken over these three elm trees and blocked the sun from the elm leaves.

Great fire wood.

Xylaria polymorpha

Also known as Dead Man's Fingers. Indigenous to Eastern Ontario and grows on the stumps of elm trees.

A little freaky since there is a grave yard in the next lot and one could start writing zombie stories and point the fungus out as evidence
that the corpses where trying to escape by tunneling underground!

I Need These Folk's Phone Number


I keep piles of small limbs for my wattle fences that lower themselves every year and need to be topped off.

I cleaned out one of the older piles and found where the cat crawled off to die.


East view from the front porch, fall colors.

Water Front Property?

This is the contested area to the west, actually no one gives a hoot, it's a steep hill covered in cedars and
the swamp will dry out in late summer most years.

Can't build a house any where near this low land, the township would never allow it.

There is a fence at the bottom of this hill that was produced by a bull dozer.
We need the surveyor to say exactly where the fence originally stood.
Why spend the money when it's not important?

I cleared out almost all the dead limbs and small cedars to keep the bugs back.
Most of the elms had been choked out by the cedars and where falling on what passes as a fence atm.
It's why I took out all the dead ones, to save myself mending the fence.

The Four Seasons of The Humping Sawhorses

Wooden sawhorse trying to reproduce before they decay back into the woods in the great circle of life.

I had too many sawhorses and the need for a divider between the wood lot and the yard.
Back ground image is a digitized reproduction of the fall image.

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