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August 2013


What is suckage?

It's that place one goes to when Lady Luck takes a vacation.

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Mouse Trap

Suckage is when your out jumping around and land on an artful bouquet of antique barb wire.

Mouse Trap Edit

To atone for my unintentional mouse trap, I gave him a vortex in the sky for his spirit to fly through, a green fairy to guide his way and there is a small swaddled babe, because life is a circle.

Turtle Suckers

Suckage is when your cooling your tail in a pond and two huge suckers hitch hike a ride.

100 Year Old Tree Whoas

Suckage is just standing around for a 100 years when an engineer who picked up his degree at a swap meet removes half your roots and leave you to fall into the road.

Do You Know Jack?

It’s a true testament to “Suckage” that when you live a good long life and you go to meet your maker, Jack is all they call you.
Mix in a cemetery that has been over run with weeds…

Bad Enough To Be Driving a Beater

This one is pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?

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