Mouse Trap


Digital D. Presents

Mouse Trap

July 2013

In the dungeon entrance one will find a menagerie of curiosities and macabre oddities.

Dust and cobwebs are left for ambiance.

The dark amber glass stein with the metal casing and glass bulges was the perfect vase

for my bouquet of short lengths of rusted antique barb wire and a few mutant pine tree branches.


Lighting being what it was I moved the trap outside.

Nicely dried out, not much of the fur left.


Even better lighting on the back deck across from the Hobbit trail.

Seems this rather large mouse was doing what mice do, jump around, only he landed with a barb in his gut.

I highly recommend, if you have any empathy for the other animal that share the planet with you, that one not build these evil traps.

To atone for my part of this unfortunate accident I manipulated the green areas.

On the left is a swaddled babe, because life is a circle

On the right is a fairy to see him on his way.

In the sky is a vortex for his spirit to ascend through.

RIP Mr. Mouse.


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