Early Art


Digital D. Presents

Early Art

As Well as a Few More Recent Piece

Most of my early work is lost, due to a lot of moving around and thieves.

Art School Sketch 1969


Colored Markers 1969's

Wax and poster paint 1982

King of Clubs
Ink drawing

Digitally reproduced from photo, original 1978

First oil painting, 1965 with sketch on back

Doodle date unknown.

Bent Rivers of the Mind

Colored markers 1969's

Bent Hands Flowing Through My Mind

Digitally reproduced and edited 2002


Easter '75

Un-cycling Penis in Mammary Land


Dreams of Spring

Digitally altered doodle

Helping Susan Pack

A quick sketch

Monue as a Kitten

Water Color

My Pet Bug


Tapestry 4' tall 1974

Digitally Colored and Edited 1980's/2005

Doodle From My Journal 1981

Same Doodle 2011

From Her Fortress '68
Digitally repaired and water marked, water color.

Please Don't Go '69

Digitally enhanced ink marker.

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