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The D.Consortium.org

Great to see you here.
Have a wander through my pages.
I will try to dazzle you with my animated gifs.
Amuse you with my witty banter, make you twitter
or roar out loud.
There is a children's book I wrote and illustrated
about my dog Baby Boo.

Photo albums, Illustrated stories and poetry,
I've been published a couple times.
Some will disturb you.
Most will amuse you.

I might make you think about your identity,
or have you wonder if I have any idea of what is mine?
I have been called the next Messiah,
(I do know how to find the Holy Grail)
Avant-Garde, or just
 Crazy D.


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In Photoplays

No Infinity

Art Gallery
August 2013
Mouse Trap



As far as my ethnic origin, play MP3
I consider myself a planetary citizen . Galactic postal code is PI to infinity.

I Am truly does stand for "I Am"


Be sure to book mark this site and stop back often.

I add pages regularly.
What you see today, is only the beginning.

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My First Video

The Possessed Donkey

A whimsical account of odd happenings!

Added Dec. 21 2009
Revised Feb.. 2012

More Videos
Added May 31 2010

Baby Beast in the Bath
Shadow of the Geek

Added August 2010
Nana's Brag Video

Grrrr I'd bite if I had teeth.

Baby Beast at Scott's Damn

Off the Hook Designs Canada
On Line Store

Have a browse through, it's still under construction, lots more to come.


Costume Jewelry
Eye Glass Chains
Stone and Pearl Jewelry
Knit Wear
Designer Hats
Digital Art


added July 09

Index of MP3 Files




Added March 2012
Digital Collage
How To Talk Like a Canadian Eh?

Added June 09

Tim Hortons a Canadian Success Story
Donut Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Changed Aug. 31 2011
It's now an epic Video!

Really Dirt Cheap

Canada Post Letter Shark

Bell Beaver BBQ




Friends web sites, family, places I hang out etc.

Added July 31 06


Photo and Art Gallery Index

Added November 2013
The Brown Paper Early Art

Bell Ice
Adrian's Photo Album
Chilling Scenery Self Portraits Jan 08 Dragon's of Belmont Lake Mouse Trap
Spring 08
Early Art
Past Index Backgrounds The Wood Lot Eliza SUCKAGE


Silly Smilies

Free to use if you care to.
New ones added as I create them.


Me on Ebay.

Selling Under
Top Rated Seller


The D Consortium

Doll Up Your Dolly



A Large Collection of Odds and Ends.
Stuff That Didn't Sell Or
I'd Rather not Sell on eBay


Men's Neckwear

Feminine Scarves

Vintage Country and Western Publications

Night Gowns and Slips

Ty Beanie Babies

Sewing and Vintage Knitting Patterns etc.



Illustrated Poetry

An ever growing collection of my poetry many with
animated illustrations.

Update Oct 2015

A story poem about a robin.

Spy Vs Spy




A small collection of animated Logos
Added Oct. 07 TEACH Centre and 2 for WWW.

Dragon Dance


The Story of Baby Boo

A 31 page children's book with plans to build a dog house.
Up dated to an interactive e-story book. Dec. 08

Text Edited Sept 2012 into rhyming couplets.

Added March 2010
Baby Boo Photo Gallery
Pretty Boodels


The Digital D. Consortium!

This is the home page for my craziness.


The  D. Consortium
Gordon Michael Woolvett
The Illustrated Chronicles of Rivergirl
The Orpheus Files
The D. Consoritum and KHC
Famous Food Fights

Meet The

Gordon M. Woolvett
The Orpheus Files
Keith Hamilton Cobb
The Famous Food Fights!

New pages

Added Feb. 2012
A.D. Anecdotist D.
New member of the Consortium

Added Dec. 2011
In the Orpheus Files
If Dr.Seuss Wrote an Episode of Star Trek

Added Sept 2010

Play Stalking Sir Patrick Stewart
Dreams come true?
Appended Sept. 2012, an ironic tale: "Out Of Order"

Kids and Babies
MP3 for the Orpheus Files

Photo Plays
All new absurd sub section added in 2013

Art Gallery
August 2013
Mouse Trap

New episode Dec 2014
The Thermodynamics of Evolution

New story poem Oct. 2015




All of my work is not to be used without my permission.


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Phone Number 705-778-2549